OSINT Training by Bob Brasich

OSINT training and great investigative techniques both rely on the same thing: a solid background in Internet investigations.

The NetBootCamp training program is designed to build Internet investigators from the ground up with a full-range of hands-on skills. And, of course, the best way to learn a tool or concept is by doing. At NetBootCamp you’ll learn by following the instructor through real online scenarios and practical exercises. Each course lays a logical foundation and progressively builds upon the content presented last. The core subjects begin with Internet Basics, progress to Social Media Investigations and then go deep into Website Investigations, investigative tools and evidence collection.

Websites change. Tools come and go. NetBootCamp trains investigators to rely on their wits and not the tools, alone.

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Select a study track or single class

Your skills are only as good as the foundation you lay. That’s why NetBootCamp’s OSINT training curriculum is structured around three (3) core, progressive study tracks, which we call the bootcamp: Basic Internet, Website Investigations, and Social Network Investigations. The bootcamp was developed as a basic Internet investigator academy to cultivate new hires and to standardize techniques and best practices in a full range of online investigations.

Track 1: Basic Internet. Here, you’ll learn not just about IP addresses, but how to investigate unusual hosting, rogue networks, and undercover email setups.

Track 2: Website Investigations. These classes build upon the Internet basics. You’ll learn how to identify website operators who do not want to be found, as well as their other websites. e-Commerce and undercover investigations round out this section.

Track 3: Social Media Investigations. You’ll learn advanced techniques to locate and verify identities, whether you are following up on a domain registration or searching for a person via a screen name or description. This is OSINT training at its best.

Two additional tracks enable students to expand their core studies into specialty areas and to sharpen their skills with specific tools:  OSINT & Internet Tools and Internet Evidence. These courses also serve as a quick start to getting tools up and running.

Customize your OSINT or Internet investigations training program  based on your experience and needs. On occasion, some classes are free. Test drive one today.

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Follow the Instructor in a second browser or device

You’ll learn investigations first-hand through on-demand video. Each video features recordings with your Instructor’s narrative as he highlights the tools and the investigative process with live case examples.

You are encouraged to pause the video, follow along on your browser and rewind as needed. Your participation is central to the experience.

Want to interact with the instructor? Consider joining a live OSINT training webinar or a private coaching session.

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Learn Hi-Tech Skills. Hands-on.

Downloadable files accompany most courses, so that you can work on real scenarios with the appropriate tools. These files usually include practical exercises to put your skills and tools to the test with real challenges.

Exercises include a step-by-step guide to walk you through the solution, We also suggest that you use the exercises to refresh your skills at a later date.

Investigative tools and your resource websites are provided in each class through HTML bookmarks. These bookmarks are easily added to your browser, with many more to expand your tool belt through the free Internet Tools Wiki.

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Training Fees

We think training needs to be as available as possible. Our goal is to help you find the subject and the platform that makes this practical for you.

The majority of our clients hire us to provide training in person or through our webinar platform. These clients are generally looking to develop specific skills or they are interested in specific subjects detailed on our training program page.

Sample classes and webinars are occasionally available under the Quick Tips series. These classes are a great preview to what you can expect when you hire NetBootCamp. We only ask that you register for these sessions with the appropriate, identifying credentials.

Seminars are also available at your place of business. Choose from our available training program classes and or ask for a quote to customize the content with your case examples.

Seminar rates
Half-Day                $1,000.00
Full-Day                 $2,000.00
3-Day  bootcamp $5,500.00

The seminar rate is based on a maximum attendance of 12 students, unless otherwise negotiated. Transportation, lodging and related expenses are not included.

Online coaching enables participants to to follow along on their laptops and share their desktops with the trainer and other participants. It’s a great way to learn methods with their peers. These coaching sessions are interactive and can be tailored to specific skills or industry interests.

Consulting begins at $99/hour for corporate and private investigators and $49/hour for law enforcement.  Please contact us with your law enforcement agency email for discount rates.

Webinar courses, when scheduled, are priced at $49.00 and cover some of our most requested topics in a one-hour segment.

Law enforcement discounts beginning at 20% are available for webinars.  Contact us with your agency email address for these discounts and for onsite training options.

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