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Find Facebook Page ID

Finding Facebook Pages: Graph, Keyword & Interest Search

Finding a Facebook Page is often the biggest challenge to creating Facebook Graph queries. In today’s post, we’ll look at several methods to find Pages and where they work best: Keyword Search, Graph Search and Interest Search. Pages are the backbone of Facebook. Profiles link to Pages and they serve as the placeholders for connections like hometown cities, employers, job […]

Facebook Live Map: Video Search

Facebook’s Live Map contains everything you need to find a live stream with one exception: It’s a visual display without a search function. In my last post, I identified the data that populates the map’s live stream viewer locations. In this post, I’ll look at who is streaming the videos (called “publishers” by Facebook) and introduce a bookmarklet […]

Whois History Services

Comparing Whois History & IP Address Lookup Services

Whois History and IP address lookups are indispensable tools for investigators. With it, you can look back in time, pierce through privacy protection and assess who’s in control via name servers and other domains hosted on the same address. Whois History is normally a premium service and it’s sometimes available with other lookup tools like […]

Facebook Live Stream Viewers

Facebook Live Map: Viewer Locations

Facebook’s Live Map is a visual display about current live stream details about video publishers and their viewers. In this post, we’ll explore the data behind the map beginning with viewers. We’ll illustrate where Facebook gets the viewer physical locations data and how we can view and parse that data.   Facebook Live Viewer Locations […]