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Private Investigator Training:
OSINT and Internet Investigations

Open Source Intelligence skills are also essential for private investigators. With it, you  can quickly locate targets, their car, phones, co-workers, frequented locations and create a well-thought surveillance plan. By mastering advanced Google queries and targeting major social networks, you’ll find photos, videos, comments, locations and more by  your target or their associates.

NetBootCamp’s OSINT training teaches private investigators to navigate the web and generate search results that add context and current activities you won’t find in a paid service or database. The information is already is out there. You just need to know where and how to find it.


OSINT investigations support:

– Background investigations   – Co-worker & Employer ID  – Location, Phone, and Car ID
– Business profiles                     – Surveillance plans                – Insurance investigations and more

Internet investigations are more complex in nature.
IP addresses, email headers, and covert techniques are fundamentals investigators need to master. As a private investigator, you are also held to strict regulations online. NetBootCamp presents technical topics surrounding Internet investigations in layman’s terms and with your interests in mind.

Prepare for your next client with a NetBootCamp coaching session. You’ll l get a quick start on that case.


Areas of Expertise:
Social Network Investigations | Advanced search engine techniques | IP addresses | Private Investigations