Facebook Search book by Bob Brasich

Introducing Facebook Search: The Advanced Search Guide

Take charge of your search results.

Facebook Search is a two-part technical manual for power searchers that does just that. It outlines the foundations and best practices for advanced Facebook Search techniques. Each book explores the queries and methods used by investigators, journalists, researchers, and recruiters to dig deep into the world’s largest social database with Graph Search and Keyword Search techniques.


Facebook Search I: Profiles, Places & Pages

Part I introduces the foundations of search:  How Facebook indexes and retrieves data.  How Graph Search and Keyword Search relay instructions that the native Search Bar cannot complete.  Learn everything you need to know to find People using email, screen names, and Profile Data like age and city of residence.  Then, expand your search to Places, Pages, Groups, and Events.

It’s the most comprehensive search guide available.

Facebook Search Book by Bob Brasich

Facebook Search I
People, Places & Pages:

  • How Facebook’s Search Engine Works
  • Graph Search & Keyword Search Methods
  • How to Find Facebook IDs
  • Facebook Account Settings for Searchers
  • Profile Search Techniques
  • Place, Page, App, Group & Event Search
  • Flowcharts and Search URL list


The essential search guide.

Facebook Search Book by Bob Brasich  Buy it now on Amazon.com


Facebook Search II: Posts, Photos & Videos

Part II takes Facebook Search to the next level:  Content.  Learn everything you need to know to find Posts, Photos, and Videos. You’ll locate content authored by specific Users or by groups of Users who share a common demographic background. Keywords, Topics, and IDs refine the search with the help of Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence in some instances.

Some of the queries discussed in this book have not been published before.

Facebook Search Book by Bob Brasich

Facebook Search II
Posts, Photos & Videos

  • Find Content by Date, Keyword, Tag & Topic
  • Find content tagged via artificial intelligence
  • Authoritative & Commentary Post Search
  • Real-Time News & Live Video Search
  • Find Content by Location
  • Find Posts via Profile Data like Author Age
  • Flowcharts and Search URL list


A must-have guide for content search.

Facebook Search Book by Bob Brasich  Buy it now on Amazon.com.


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Facebook Search is a must have guide for investigators, journalists, researchers, and recruiters.  Each book is loaded with search examples, flowcharts, best practices, and resource sections that serve as a training guide and desk reference.

Take a look inside the most comprehensive Facebook search guide today on Amazon.com.

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