Facebook Tools & Bookmarklets

Profile and Timeline Tools

Get FBID   Get Facebook ID

Get the Facebook ID for the Profile, Page, Group or Event you're viewing. You may need to refresh the page.

FB Rank   Typeahead Search Rank

Ranking of Profiles and Pages most viewed, searched or strongly connected. Modified with Credit: @jkeesh @karmiphuc

FB Rank: ChromeTypeahead Search Rank: Chrome extension

Performs the same function as the bookmarklet, but tracks and averages changes in rank of top 100 connections, only.

FB Expand   Expand All Facebook Comments

Expand all comments on a Facebook post or timeline before you preserve the page. Credit: Hemiola.com

Videos & Live Streams

Get Facebook Video Streaming or Download Link

Copy & paste into a new bookmark:

Select while viewing a live stream or video page, i.e. FB.com/zuck/videos/10102776370897261

All Videos

FB VidID   Get Facebook VideoID

Facebook Live Map: Video Publishers

FB Map0   Facebook Live Publishers: Level 0

View Facebook Live Stream Publisher Data: Level 0

FB Map1   Facebook Live Publishers: Level 1

View Facebook Live Stream Publisher Data: Level 1

FB Map2   Facebook Live Publishers: Level 2

View Facebook Live Stream Publisher Data: Level 2

Facebook Live Map: Viewer Locations

FB Viewers   Live Stream Viewer Locations

Live Stream Viewer Locations. Manually add your Facebook UserID (fbid)

Live comments
FB Comments

Live stream comments include total comment count with commenter names, fbid, gender and comment text
Available only while broadcast is live - Add the VideoID and Your fbid to the URL

Utilities & More

Likes & Reactions
FB Likes

Enter the ID of the post, photo, video/live stream

FB Shares

Enter the ID of the post, photo, video/live stream

Convert   Convert Epoch / Unix Machine Time

Enter epoch time to convert human datetime. Credit: Convert-unix-time.com

ExtractFaceDownload Facebook

An application to download Facebook data by LE-Tools.com

Drop and drag bookmarklets to your toolbar to install | Facebook Search Toosl by @NetBootCamp/ 08/2016