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Find Instagram Profiles with Keywords

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Search by full name or username.

Search name with a keyword.
Use keywords that might be in profiles or posts, i.e. city, website, hashtag, interests.

Search Instagram
View by username.

Find Instagram UserID

Example Instagram Users with IDs
UserID for gopro: 28902942
UserID for picturesoftext: 341752826
UserID for realmadrid: 290023231


Search Google via Keywords
Find photos/posts containing keywords or "phrases."

Search Google via Username & Keywords
Find photos/posts by Username & keyword(s), i.e. phrase, hashtag, friend username.

View a Photo on CDN by Resolution
Search by shortcode URL, i.e.

Media ID Search

Get the "media_id" of a Photo, i.e.1187403799265553842_341752826.
Search by shortcode URL. Available details include: "author" "datetime".

Media API Search

Recent Media
Raw data: Last 20 photos/videos by Username.
Instagram location names are noted without lat/long.


Search Google via Location Names
Search by full city or location name.

Search locations by keywords.
Use keywords that might be the name of the location page, i.e. city, restaurant.

Example Instagram Locations with IDs
LocationID for Dodger Stadium: 2669213
LocationID for Golden Gate Bridge: 3000840
LocationID for Red Square, Moscow: 25965955
LocationID for Times Square NY: 256763572
LocationID for White House, D.C.: 225931565

Note: Locations can have more than one page and have multiple places.


Find Hashtags by keyword

Instagram Search Changed in May 2016

Instagram closed API access that supported advanced searches and API queries required the use of an ID for the user or location. There are still several ways to find these IDs, though the API limits what you can do with it.

Photos/Videos: Add the shortcode URL to the oEmbed API . Or, add /media/ to the user's profile page and scroll to the bottom of the Instagram API output. TIP: oEmbed is one of the only API methods that delivers the media's creation time in a GMT/PST format.

You'll find a JSON formatter like JSONView makes this data easier to review in the browser. Pagination links are also interactive.

Source Code: You can also find IDs in the HTML. On a shortcode URL, search for user_id. Shortcodes are the web location for individual photos or videos and look like this:


Instagram Locations are similar to Facebook check-ins. Users choose to add these locations to media during the upload by selecting it from a list of nearby places. Once posted, the Location name can be found on the Instagram page hosting the media.

The Lat/Long coordinates of Locations used to be found in some API queries. These coordinates were derived from the LocationID and not the user's mobile phone. Each Locations also has its own Instagram page, which was searchable via the LocationID.

Instagram Locations are often created by Instagram users. Therefore, it's not unusual to find a physical place with more than one Instagram Location or InstagramID.

Each business or attraction within a place can also have an InstagramID. For example, restaurants and retail stores within a business and sightseeing attractions within an amusement park can each have an InstagramID. Therefore, it's a good idea to include these nearby locations in your location search.

Examples of Instagram IDs

This tool originally provided an introduction to conducting API queries with IDs. For more informaton, see the API Search tab.

People: UserID
Kevin Systrom @kevin: 3
BJ Novak @picturesoftext: 341752826
Justin Kan @justinkan: 96929
Puff Daddy @iamdiddy: 22797454
Tony Hawk @tonyhawk: 1132845

Places: LocationID
Dick’s Last Resort: 1262766
Dodger Stadium: 2669213
San Diego Zoo: 10936
Sherman Oaks Galleria: 19178
Times Square, NY :280198147
Las Vegas, NV: 212901056
San Diego, CA: 212983635

Facebook: 4132822
General Motors: 5536898
Kaiser Permanente Hospital: 8978429
Nest Labs: 6248308840

Schools / Universities
MIT: 206258876
Hollywood High: 336900445

Pages / Websites @google: 1067259270 @instagram:250253203 @youtube: 1337343

Gopro: 28902942
Lululemon: 2134762
Realmadrid: 290023231
Tentree: 29940479

More to come.

Profiles and Pages shown here were chosen for practice as public figures. Nothing is implied by inclusion. Please respect the same.

Instagram Search Tool by Bob Brasich @NetBootCamp 07/2016