Internet Evidence

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Internet Evidence courses are about gathering data from websites. Each class focuses on a specific tool and method to quick-start your use of the same. These classes expand on the tool features identified in the core subject areas (Basic Internet, Website Investigations, and Social Network Investigations), as well as additional tools of interest.

NetBootCamp provides these skills through onsite and online webinars and consultation. See the full list of options on the training program page.

Data collection activities and their findings can represent evidence in a criminal, civil, or administrative proceeding. It is important to note these classes and the website are not intended as legal guidance or forensic training. Be sure to consult your counsel and the regulations that pertain to your field.

Internet Evidence Classes

Class Sample:  Web Page Preservation

InfoUndercover (E1)Websites (E2)Social networks (E3)Pay Processing (E4)Advertising (E5)Video/Digital (E6)Images (E7)Documents (E8)Phones (E9)Parcels (E10)Web Scraping (E11)App analysis (E12)iPhone (E13)Report writing (E14)Updates (S15)
Internet Evidence:  These classes focus on tools and investigative methods specific to evidence collection.
Undercover Investigations

  • Components of an undercover identity
  • Undercover email considerations
  • Undercover website benefits and considerations
  • IP trap-and-trace by email and website
  • Email: ReadNotify, Clicktale, PayPal
  • Undercover VOIP / SMS phone setup
  • Undercover payment processing setup
  • Considerations for Private vs. Corporate Investigators
  • Terms of Service and protecting your personal life
Website evidence collection

  • Search techniques and tools to locate and target
  • Example investigation and evidence collection
  • Website network investigation
  • Website backup tools
  • Investigation considerations and enforcement

Social Network page evidence collection

  • Search techniques and tools to target specific networks
  • Example investigation and evidence collection
  • Investigation considerations and enforcement
Online revenue evidence collection

  • Payment processing: Investigation and enforcement strategy
  • How credit card networks operate
  • PayPal
  • Other payment gateways
  • Identifying banks associated with merchants
  • BitCoin
  • Investigation considerations: Undercover, BitCoin, and more
  • Example payment processing investigations
Advertising and Affiliate Network evidence collection

  • Ad networks, Ad servers, and more
  • Inspecting HTML and ad placement
  • Hiding ad placement in iFrames and 3rd party websites
  • Affiliate referral examples
  • Investigation considerations: Country, Business implications
  • Example advertising investigations
Videos and Digital evidence

  • Introduction to online videos and digital files
  • Locating source files
  • Unique data points
  • Examining clues within digital files
  • Example video and digital file investigations
Image evidence: Internet hosted

  • Exif & Geo-location: Potential to ID location and device
  • Photo search engines
  • Reverse image search
  • Exif availability on social networks and image host
  • Eliciting images
Documents: Internet hosted

  • Finding documents online: Hosted and Leaked
  • Social sharing site profiles
  • Sites with available document meta data
Phone number investigations

  • Phone number validation: Landline, Mobile, VOIP
  • Reverse phone number lookup
  • Neighbor subscriber lookup by address
  • Caller ID
  • Skype, Google Voice, and other services
  • International phone lookup
Parcel investigations

  • Introduction to international parcel shipping and routes
  • Parcel tracking
  • Parcel evidence collection
Web scraping
Introduction to visual web scraping: Websites and Search

  • Importance of using a proxy IP address
  • Browser tool example
  • Desktop tool examples
  • SEO tool examples and why they’re helpful
  • Terms of Service enforcement trends
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Note: This is not a forensics class
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Note: This is not a forensics class

Evidence and report writing best practices

  • Overview of report writing and online evidence handling
  • Federal crime statutes
  • Corporate vs. Private Investigator considerations
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