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Internet Tools is a resource and virtual mentor for investigators conducting Internet investigations. This is where you can learn how to use a tool in detail. NetBootCamp provides these skills through onsite and online consultation.

Have you ever wanted to see a free tool or subscription service in use? Want to quick-start the tool learning curve? Internet Tools is a collection of how-to videos. Each video demonstrates the key features and shortcomings for a tool with hands-on techniques. Learn new ways to investigate people and website domains, automate and monitor changes on a web page or use a web scraper to collect data and links. There are many options to expand your toolbelt.

See the full class list, including those still in production, on the Training Program page. You can get an advance look at the tools through the Internet Tools Wiki.

Sample class: Internet Tools

Internet investigation & OSINT tools training
$ 24.99
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Internet Investigation Tools:  These classes focus on investigation tools. (TB1)
Key feature:  Network tool for troubleshooting IP addresses, ISPs, and Network peering
Locate other website sharing services
Identify sites hosted on same ISP or IP address block
Troubleshoot CloudFlare or location of a server or network (TB2)
Key feature: Whois History, Hosting & Nameserver history
Locate operators through historical records
Connect websites and operators through hosting & nameservers

Traceroute and Ping
Traceroute services: Visualroute and Hurricane Electric Looking Glass
Feature: Troubleshoot server location from multiple locations

Ping services:
Feature: Ping server/IP address of last traceroute hop
Calculate distance/location based on speed of light

Packet analysis and HTTP traffic
Packet tools: Smartsniff, ShowTraffic, HTTPFox, Fiddler2, Wireshark
Features: Identify connected services and hosting location

DNS tools:,
Feature:  Identify start of authority and hosting details

Anonymous surfing
Proxy tools:  Hidemyass VPN,, and others
Feature:  Visit websites and download content via other IP addresses
View websites blocking your IP address or your country’s address

Monitoring tools, /,

…and more coming soon

Reverse Internet
ReverseInternet tools:,,
Feature:  Connect multiple websites to an operator or group via shared assets
Hosting, Start of Authority, Publisher codes, Analytics accounts, and more


Web scraper
Web scraper tools: WebHarvy, Datatoolbar, Screaming Frog+
Feature:  Easily crawl websites, collect data, identify related media hosting locations, and more

Backlink tools:, Ahrefs, MajesticSEO, Backlinkswatch +
Feature: Identify related sites via inbound links, Identify top referring traffic

Decryption tools:  Yellowpipe+
Feature: Decode operator’s HTML or hidden links using Base64 and other encryption

…and more coming soon

Social network tools

Social network image geolocation
Tinfoleak + Tweepy


Facebook Visualizer
Github  (to be tested)

Evidence capture tools

Techsmith Camtasia
Chrome and Firefox add-on Fox clocks
Firefox add-on WIPmania


Evidence notetaking

Evidence storage

…and more

PC maintenance and security tips covering disk cleaning, virus detection, security scans, and more

PC Monitor

…and more

Introduction to APIs (Application Program Interface)


Social Network APIs
API: Console
Features: Advanced queries on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter+

People search APIs

Email search APIs
Feature: -ID Email demographics:

Feature: ID emails on a domain

Feature: Bulk email verification

Phone APIs
Feature: Bulk Phone lookup

Feature: Caller ID lookup

Website APIs
Feature: Whois and hosting lookups

Feature:  Instagram image and geolocation

Feature:  Advanced Facebook Graph queries

Task Automation
Automation tool: If This Then That
Feature:  RSS, Alerts+

Automation tool:
Feature:  RSS, Alerts+

…and more coming soon

NetBootCamp’s portable Firefox browser configured for investigations

  • Desktop apps for PC
  • Browser bookmarks
  • Browser add-ons
  • Pre-set custom search options

…available soon to students