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When Screenshots Aren’t Enough

Web page preservation is a common task. Choosing how to do it is one of the most important aspects of this task. In this post we’ll look at two different methods, and test drive tools used for each:  Screenshots and Web Archives. Web pages are generally easy to admit into court: The witness testifies that […]

Online: The risks of undercover payments

There are personal risks to going undercover. Any law enforcement officer will tell you that a lot of planning precedes an undercover operation. Agents discuss the target, the environment, and the risks. There are many possible outcomes and a sound plan covers the potential forks in the road: the risks, the evidentiary goals and how […]

How to speak the language of Facebook

Facebook is a database. Every person that you search and every post, photo, or detail on their About page has a unique Facebook ID (FBID). These ID numbers are what distinguish Facebook Graph Search from its native keyword search system. Facebook launched Graph in March 2013 and killed it just over a year and a […]

finding facebook ids

Finding Facebook IDs with Images

Facebook is a database. Everything that is searchable has an ID attached to it. That can be a photo, a comment, a job title or a page that you like. These IDs are also attached to the object that created it. For example, a photo is attached to an album and that album is attached […]