Headers: The risk of spoofing IP Addresses

It happens to all of us. You’re asked to look at a website and you don’t have access to your anonymizer. Maybe the undercover laptop is at work. Maybe your proxy is down or running slow as molasses. So, what do you do? In today’s post, we’ll explore the role of HTTP Headers and how […]


So you think you’re anonymous. Probably not.

So you think you’re anonymous online? Think again. Over the last couple years, Firefox and Google Chrome have been building out their browser features. Google Chrome has promoted their computer-to-computer calls and Google Hangouts. This month, Firefox introduced their Skype-like service named Hello. Both services employ a technology known as WebRTC and with it you’re […]


Internet Tool Review: Cybertoolbelt.com

Cybertoolbelt Conducting Internet investigations from a single dashboard is something that many investigators dream of. There haven’t been many options to do this well until now with Cybertoolbelt.com. And there’s a good reason:  Tools like this require a lot of server resources for lookups, data storage, and search. It is also challenging in this space […]

IP Addresses: What every investigator needs to know

IP addresses are the foundation of Internet investigations. Resolving them is a bread-and-butter skill.   What’s an IP address? An IP address is like a telephone number. It contains a grouping of numbers that translate to a specific region, an Internet Service Provider (ISP), and ultimately their customer.  Anything connected to the Internet has an IP […]