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Custom Search Forms

InfoIP Address SearchWhois Domain SearchDNS & Resource SearchRelated Site SearchSocial SearchPeople Search
Conduct a search. Compare the features and limits of a resource through search forms.
IP address search forms

See NetBootCamp’s Website Tool for more search forms and investigation options

Whois search forms

DNS & web asset search forms

Related site search forms

Social search forms

See NetBootCamp’s Website Tool for more search forms and investigation options

People search forms

See NetBootCamp’s Website Tool for more search forms and investigation options

Basic Internet

InfoReferencesIP SearchIP AddressIPv6TracerouteDNS SearchDNSMXCDNs/CloudFlareNetworks/ASNData centersServers/Packets
IP Addresses, networks, DNS, and data centers.

IP Addresses


Border Gateway Protocol

Network traffic exchange


RIPE Academy


Introduction to DNS

Introduction to Networks & BGP
OpenDNS.com Intro to Networks
OpenDNS.com Intro to Border Gateway Protocol

IP address search forms

See NetBootCamp’s Website Tool for more search forms and investigation options

IP address Whois


IP address by geo-location


IP address by Network, Route & Location


IP address Reputation


IP address by ISP contact info


Reverse IP address / Shared server


Browser add-ons



International Traceroute Origins


Visual Traceroute


Ping – International Origins


Other Ping Resources


Convert Ping time into distance traveled

DNS & web asset search forms

MX records
Reverse MX lookup

CloudFlare / CDN IP address resolver

Networks / ASN Whois


Networks – by ASN number


Networks – by name


Networks – sites / resources hosted


Networks – peering


Networks – route propagation / graphs


Internet Exchanges – IXP


Lookup by regional IP address allocation

  • ARIN rWhois – Regional lookup (Americas) Point of contact. Date of contact info.
  • RIPE  -Regional lookup (Europe)  Double check geolocation by MaxMind
  • LACNIC – Regional lookup (Latin America)
  • AFRINIC – Regional lookup (Africa)
  • APNIC – Regional lookup (Asia Pacific)


Misc Network Tools


WiFi networks

  • Wigle.net WiFi network names by address/neighborhood
  • Google – Hotspots by zip code




Internet Exchange Points




Server Details


IP address traffic


HTTP Traffic, URLs & Debuggers


Packet Analyzer


Website Investigations

InfoReferencesWhois SearchWhoisAnalysisRelated Site SearchShared Services/Designe-Commerce/AuctionAds/RevenueArchivesMiscMonitorCopy/Preserve

Domain registration/Whois, related websites, e-commerce, advertising, revenue, backup tools

Google hosts
Github.com Google subdomains & IP addresses

Commonly encountered online resources

Maltego blog

Apache server log guide

Whois search forms

See NetBootCamp’s Website Tool for more search forms and investigation options

General Whois lookup


Real-time Whois lookup


Bulk Whois lookup


Whois history


Reverse Whois
Search domains by registrant name, email, address, phone


Domains sharing keywords
ID domains sharing same keyword


Hosting history


Whois servers: ccTLD registry examples

Conduct Whois lookups at the registry of origin

  • Marcaria International Whois
  • Google: Find ccTLD Whois search engine
  • .ES – Spain
  • .EU – Europe
  • .ME – Montenegro (GoDaddy)


References for ccTLD Whois lookups


Desktop apps and Bookmarks




General Analysis


Site construction/response






Link analysis


Server response/HTTP Headers


Cloudflare Resolver


SSL validation

Related site search forms

See NetBootCamp’s Website Tool for more search forms and investigation options

Shared Services
Nameservers, mail servers, analytics, publisher codes, widget


Shared terms, scripts & resources
HTML, Robots.tx, network/IP addresses


Similar Design


Cross-domain: Inbound/Outbound links

Multi-site search: Craigslist, eBay, Etsy and more




Amazon Sellers


CSEs: Craigslist






UPC bar code search




Ad network servers


Browser addons


Ad blocker

Check and Monitor
Website uptime, Keyword changes, NS/MX/IP changes


Monitor domains point to/from IP address

Backup / Preserve websites
Also see the Evidence tab under Special Focus


Screenshot / Preserve web pages

Social Media Investigations

InfoReferencesOSINT LinksSocial SearchScreen nameForum/BlogFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinInstagramPinterest/TumblrPeriscope/Vine+RedditVK.com/RegionalMore NetworksDating NetworksReal-timeMulti-searchBitly/Short URLsImages/Social

OSINT tools: Facebook, Twitter, Social Networks, Identity verification, and more

Social Network list
Addthis.com social network list


Law enforcement guidelines
Information for law enforcement (2010)
Understanding Facebook IDs (fbids)
Recycling Old Facebook Searches
Facebook Sourcing Tutorial
BBC Social Media Tips for Journalists
Facebook Analytics


IACP resources
IACP tools and tutorials


Facebook: Law enforcement guide (2010)
Facebook: Subpoena and data requests


Information for law enforcement
Twitter search operators: Cnet.com
Twitter location search: Thoughtfacet.com
Twitter resources: Journalisttoolbox.org
Twitter RSS feeds: Labnol.org


Information for law enforcement
Instagram Architecture


Linkedin Boolen tips PDF Note that Boolean may depend on the category searched
Linkedin Staff search tips
Linkedin Boolean tips from Booleanstrings.com
Linkedin Search operators from Linkedin.com
Google queries for professionals from Souringlab.io


Google+ Classic Select “back to classic G+” under Settings


Using Creepy, geoStalker & fbStalker


Corrborating information
BBC Tips for Journalists


OSINT Links / Resource Lists











Social search forms

See NetBootCamp’s Website, Facebook and Instagram Tools for more investigation options

NetBootCamp CSEs:Screen Names


More CSEs:Screen Names


Screen Names: Search Engines & Probes


Example Google Queries


Find related profiles

  • 360social.me Chrome Extension: Find additional social profiles for subject
  • Archively.com Store profile data online. Use in combo with Prophet or other addon.
  • Clearbit Connect Chrome extension: Find additional profiles
  • Connectifier Chrome extension: Find additional profiles like FitBit, About.me & Quora
  • Discoverly Chrome extension: Find additional profiles (test results against the above)
  • Falcon Chrome Extension: Find additional social profiles for subject
  • Prophet Chrome extension: Find additional profiles: FB, Linkedin, G+, Twitter
  • Rapporto Chrome extension: View contact profiles in Gmail. Rapportio resurrected.


NetBootCamp Facebook Search Tool

Facebook Graph Queries: Profiles, Photos, Pages, Employers, Groups & More


NetBootCamp Facebook Search Tips


Example queries created with NetBootCamp’s Facebook Tool:


More Custom Facebook Tools


Example Google Queries


Find Profiles on Facebook


Facebook Graph: API


Facebook Graph Queries: Get UserID


Facebook Video


Facebook Pages: Search


Facebook Page: Comment Activity Stats


URL Sharing: Facebook, Twitter, G+, and more


Facebook Archive (2010)


RSS Feed generators


Hashtags and Trends


Browser add-ons


Misc Facebook Tools


Facebook DMCA

Twitter: Advanced Keyword Search


Twitter: Example search options

  • Twitter.com User tweets by keyword and date range
  • Twitter.com Images tweeted by user with keyword in date range
  • Twitter.com Videos tweeted by user with keyword in date range
  • Twitter.com Photos by any user with keyword in date range (no retweets)
  • Twitter.com Tweets with keywords and links
  • Twitter.com Recent tweets with keywords and links
  • Twitter.com Recent tweets near location with keywords and links


CSEs: Twitter Search


Twitter Custom Tools


Twitter people directory




Profile Test: Email, Phone, Username


Real-time Tweets


Tweet Keywords by Date Range


Historical Tweets


Tweets with Images

Image and Video search


Tweets with Links


Tweet by location




Track keywords and posts


Twitter RSS feed




Twitter archives


Twitter DMCA

CSEs: Linkedin


Custom Linkedin Tools


Example Queries on Linkedin


Example Queries via Google


Linkedin: Locate profile by email address


Other Linkedin search tools


NetBootCamp Instagram Search Tool

Search Profiles, Photos and Locations


Instagram: Find Profiles & Posts via Google


Find profiles via Instagram Search Engines


Instagram: API and UserIDs


Instagram Followers


Instagram Following


Instagram Profile Stats


Locations: Images by Address, Lat/Long, Date & Keyword


Locations: Images by Instagram LocationID


Get Instagram LocationID






Monitor: RSS feeds

  • Websta.me Change the account user name to generate RSS
  • Websta.me Change the tag keyword to generate RSS

Pinterest: Reverse image search


Pinterest: Track pins by domain


Pinterest: API


Tumblr: Keyword search


Tumblr: Image search

Twitter Vine videos


Periscope / Meerkat live stream videos

  • Xplore Periscope/Meerkat iOS search
  • Google search Recent or Live Periscope/Meerkat streams near location
  • Google search Past Periscope/Meerkat stream by date range and keyword


Twitch / Mirrativ live stream videos

  • Google search Recent or Live Twitch.tv / Mirrativ Twitter stream by location
  • Google Search Twitch.tv / Mirrativ Twitter stream by date range and keyword

Reddit Users


Reddit Posts


Monitor: Reddit


  • VK.com VK public search page with graph widget (clean up the URL)
  • Google search Search VK for users by Name and Country


VK: Search examples




VK: Example API searches (no OAuth required)


Examples of how to find VK userIDs (oid)
Right click and view Profile Image: vk.com/photo(OID)
Hover over “Send a Message: vk.com/write(OID)
Search HTML for “oid:”

EMEA Networks


APAC Networks


LATAM Networks

Real-time: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, +


  • Bit.ly API
  • Bit.ly View Click stats, destination, User (if public), and accts sharing link by adding “+ “



  • Goo.gl API
  • Goo.gl View Click stats, destination, creation date by adding URL to this link


Twitter T.co

  • T.co Stats are only available for account originating the link
  • T.co API



  • Tiny.cc Add a tilde “~” to view click stats and destination


IP loggers




Reveal Shortened URLs

NOTE: Some revealers are unable to ID intermediary URLs, if any, that redirect traffic to the destination.

Get stats or previews from various Short URL services

CSEs: Social Images

Image Search


Reverse Image Search


Social Network Examples


Browser Addons

Email, Phone, Address, People

InfoPeople SearchEmailPhone U.S.Phone Int'lSkypeAddress PeopleCV/ResumesBusiness

Locate people and reverse engineer email, phone, and physical address info

People search forms

See NetBootCamp’s People Tool for more search forms and investigation options

CSEs: Email


Custom Email Tools


Email search


Email trace


Email Headers: Resource Guide


Read receipt – IP address capture


Verify/Guess email address


Locate MX / mail server for a domain

Get CallerID


Verify Carrier / Phone type


Reverse lookup: Name/Street/Phone


Listen to voicemail


IMEI Mobile phone verification

International: Locate Phone origin


International: Phone finder




Latin America




Asia Pacific


Skype resolvers


Skype Uptime


US Address
Reverse lookup: Street to Phone


Custom People Search Tools


People by name


People with the same name


School and business networks


Ancestry search


People via property


Unclaimed property & Foreclosures


Political Donor Search


Court Documents


Inmate / Offender search


International people search

CSEs: Resume search


Career and Job Networks


Business: Officers / Contacts


Business name search


Regional business search


Business email search


Building search


Browser addons


InfoReferencesSearch AlertsSearch EnginesMeta searchReal-timeRefinedSocialIntl SearchDrive SearchPaid SearchPhoto SearchRSS SearchFTPLink CollectionMisc/Maps

Focus your query through a specialized search engine or search technique

Online references and background for search techniques.


Email alerts on keywords

Search engines that crawl and generate own results

Major search engines


Alternative and anonymous search engines


Major foreign search engines: Language-oriented results

Also set language or location preferences on Google.com and Bing.com
Google Search by country


Google RSS Feed

  • Labnol.org Creating a Google search RSS Feed (complex)
  • Page2RSS.com Use a clean search URL, i.e. google.com/search?q=


Google search scraper

Meta search engines that query and aggregate results from other search engines

Real-time general search


Real-time social search


Refined search


Social search


Real-time social search

Major foreign search engines: Language-oriented results

Also set language or location preferences on Google.com and Bing.com
Try Google Translate to modify your keywords before searching

Google Drive, Onedrive, and more

Tip: Target specific file formats with filetype:mp4, doc, docx, pptx, etc


Subscription search services

Major photo sharing websites


Facebook and Twitter image search


Instagram image search


Instagram: Mapped images by Location, Date, Keyword


Tumblr: Image search


Pinterest: Reverse image search


Reverse image search


Drop image onto search box for Google Image search


RSS Search locates content and websites based on keywords within RSS feeds

Search FTP servers and dump sites
i.e. images, videos, documents+

Browser Add-ons
Capture and download links from pages/search results

Miscellaneous search options





Map /Address Search


Map Plotter


Media: Image, Video, and Document

InfoImageEXiFVideoDocumentHash & Metadata

Search for shared avatars, forum signatures, related websites, and more

Major photo sharing websites


Facebookand Twitter image search


Instagram image search


Instagram: Mapped images by Location, Date, Keyword


Tumblr: Image search


Pinterest: Reverse image search


Reverse image search

  • Tineye.com – Reverse image search (forum signatures, avatars, etc)
  • Image.Google.com – Reverse image search (avatars, signatures+)

Drop image onto search box for Google Image search

EXiF viewer


Image Meta data


Browser add-ons

Video search


Video downloaders


Video SWF Decompilers

General document search


Document sharing search

Tip: Target specific file formats in Google queries using filetype:pdf or doc, docx, mp3, mp4, pptx, etc

Document conversion

File hash analysis & Comparison

Special Focus

InfoEvidenceBitCoinPayment ProcessingParcel TrackingBitTorrent/FilesharingPastebin sitesGithubTORWebmasters and HTMLResourcesCopyright / TrademarkFirefoxGoogle ChromeMisc/Data Mgmt

Special focus areas, resources, and browser add-ons



Screenshots & Web Preservation


WARC web archives


HAR HTTP archives


HTTP – Web debugging


Browser add-ons


Charts and link analysis

BitCoin values and trends


BitCoin block chains / transaction histories


BitCoin wallets


BitCoin payment gateways


BitCoin visualizers


BitCoin FAQs


Payment gateways: Contacts and Locations


Credit Cards: BIN Bank Identification Number lookup


Misc tools


Overnight parcel tracking

BitTorrent FAQs


Torrent search 


Torrent search / Verified torrents


Cyberlocker file search


Cyberlocker Collect and Check Links


Examples of piracy terms for refining search strings
Video rip, x264, xvid, cam, scr, -trailer, -soundtrack
Music mp3, kpbs, m4a, aac
Games serial key, mod, crack, ntsc
Software repack, preactivated, crack, nulled
eBooks/Images PDF, ebook, res, set, HD, pic

Paste sites & Paste search

Monitor Paste searches. Use Page2RSS to convert a search URL in to an RSS feed

Gitrob Github Explorer

Transparency Toolkit Linkedin Crawler and other scrapers
Govcode.org Open source projects related to government

TOR Browser


TOR nodes


TOR Search


Informal TOR directories


TOR Services




Webmaster / HTML tools


Encode / Decode / Deobfuscators


SEO and Keyword Search


Webmaster forums: Communications among operators, ISPs, Ad networks+

Coming soon

Copyright: U.S.


Trademark: U.S.

Open search server

Openrefine.org Data cleanup

Apps and Utilities

InfoBrowsers / AnonymityInspect app / PhoneVOIP Phone/SMSEmail/MailFile transferPC maintenancePortable AppsRSS/Social MediaVideo / DigitalWeb AnalysisScrapers/AutomationEvidence

Desktop applications and resources for investigations and PC maintenance



Browsers: Test Headers & IP address


WebRTC blockers


Desktop VPN services


Online proxies


Ad blocker & Privacy protection


Check for compromised accounts/passwords


Anonymity resources


Inspect EXE files


Inspect iPhone files


Inspect Android files


VOIP and disposable phones


Online SMS & Messaging

Note: Apps are not intended to replace forensic tools


Disposable Email

Mail Forwarding


File transfer


FTP clients


Amazon S3 clients


BitTorrent clients


File storage


Portable Apps

RSS Readers and filters


Social media


DVD and digital video format analysis


Website and Network Analysis


HTTP Traffic, Headers, URLs, Debuggers:


Packets:  IP address traffic


Packet Sniffers


Website backup


Web page preservation


Screenshots and Recordings


Screenshots & Web Preservation


HTTP – Web debugging


Browser add-ons


HAR HTTP archives


WARC web archives