Social Media Investigations & OSINT

Social Network Investigations and OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) are on every investigator’s radar. NetBootCamp provides these skills through onsite and online consultation.

This training introduces tools and techniques to make you a guru in advanced OSINT search. You’ll begin with screen names found in forums, sales platforms, email addresses and other sources. You’ll gather dates of birth, locations, and other identifiers and connect them to social networks. Here, you’ll isolate photos, posts, phones, frequented locations and more—sometimes through a subject’s peers. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Europe’s Vkontakte are your base where you’ll visualize relationships and monitor activity in real-time.

OSINT training adds depth to your findings with public records, business licensing, and other data to build a rich and complete background investigation.

Social network investigations and OSINT are the 3rd stage of the bootcamp series. If you’d like to know more about a specific tool, check out the OSINT & Internet Tools and Internet Evidence classes from the NetBootCamp training program.

Social Network Investigations

InfoScreen names (S1)Social networks (S2)Facebook (S3)Instagram & Social Images (S4)Advanced Social Networks (S5)Facebook FQL (S6)OSINT & ID verification (S7)Twitter/Vine (S8)Instagram (S9)Snapchat (S10)Foreign Networks (S11)Updates (S12)
Bootcamp Stage 3
Introduction: Screen Name Investigations

  • Screen names are our online identities and reputation
  • Connect to real people, places, content, connections
  • Strategy to screen name investigations
  • Tools to identify screen name profiles on social networks
  • Search techniques and tools to target specific networks
  • Example investigation: From screen name to identity
Intro to Social Networks and Social Media

  • Facebook Basic Search
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Real-time conversations: Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
Intro to Facebook Investigations

  • Find a person based on an email address or screen name
  • Locate a witness based on general descriptions
  • Monitor travel, communications, and connections
  • Locate people, photos, and comments at a place

Conduct complex searches. Visualize connections.

Social Media: Images, Video, and Audience-Specific Platforms

  • Connecting additional details and activities to social profiles
  • Photo sharing: Flickr, Photobucket
  • Video sharing: YouTube
  • Location sharing: Foursquare, Instagram
  • Blogs: Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress
  • Audience specific: Netlog, Stumbleupon, Yelp, Reddit, and more

Advanced Social Network Investigations

  • Investigations focusing on OSINT and Social Networks
  • Photo geolocation
  • Visualization / Organizational connection tools
Advanced Facebook search using FQL
  • Intro to Facebook FQL
  • Best uses for FQL queries
  • Search results only FQL can deliver
  • Setting up a Facebook developer ID
  • Standard search queries
  • Translating social network and OSINT details into verifiable identities

    • Qualifying name, age, location, and other profile data online
    • Phone checks
    • Name checks
    • Real estate and tax assessor records
    • Credit checks
    • License checks
    • Other sources: Voter records, lawsuits, and more
    • Business sources: Incorporation records, non-profit filings, government contractors
    • International checks
    • Subscription services
    Advanced Twitter search
    Vine video search
    Intro to Instagram

    • Instagram search via Image, Location, Time, User
    • Geo-location options
    Snapchat profiles

    Intro to Vkontakte

    • VK presence includes Europe and LATAM
    • VK site searches: Profiles, comments, photos, media

    Other networks

    Coming Soon