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Whois History Services

Comparing Whois History & IP Address Lookup Services

Whois History and IP address lookups are indispensable tools for investigators. With it, you can look back in time, pierce through privacy protection and assess who’s in control via name servers and other domains hosted on the same address. Whois History is normally a premium service and it’s sometimes available with other lookup tools like […]

Website Investigations Flow

Website Investigations: Process & Techniques

Website investigations follow a basic, logical flow. The launching point tends to be a domain or an IP address. The endpoint is usually identification of the operator or finding enforcement options. But, what happens in between these points varies by investigator and website. This post outlines a standardized process that guides new hires through website […]

IP Address record attributes - nesting dolls

IP Address Lookups: The Clues are Inside the Attributes

Finding out who’s in control of an IP address isn’t always as straight forward as you may think. Sometimes there’s more than one ISP mentioned in the record and that makes a difference when you need to know who’s in charge. The process of sifting through an IP address record is like taking apart a […]

How to read IPv6 IP addresses

You’ve probably heard about IP addresses running out for some time now. It finally happened last week in North America with IPv4. While the next generation of #IPv6 makes sure we’ll continue to have addresses, it comes with a change and some compatibility issues that can impact your online anonymity and investigations. In this post, we’ll highlight those […]