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Websites are the launching point for many investigations. This training series introduces the tools and methods that quickly expand your cases, identifying operators, their related websites, and online profiles. NetBootCamp provides these skills through onsite and online consultation.

You’ll begin by finding common clues in the HMTL or sales platform profile. You’ll learn advanced Whois search techniques and become a pro at identifying operators who conceal their identities. You’ll find social profiles through publisher accounts, image and video hosting, Start of Authority email addresses, packet analysis and more.

You’ll monitor auction and classified ad platforms like eBay and Craigslist and attest to a counterfeit listing based on UPC bar codes, shipping, and payment patterns. Website investigations are an everyday task for investigators. You’ll learn these skills hands-on in the Website Investigations series.

Website Investigations is the 2nd stage of the bootcamp series. The profiles and operator details you identify here create an abundant beginning for Social Network investigations, the 3rd stage of this training program.

Sample Class: Website investigations

InfoDomains (W1)Related websites (W2)Profiling (W3)e-Commerce (W4)B2B exports (W5)Payment Processing (W6)Ad Revenue (W7)Stream/Link (W8)Live Stream (W9)Cyberlocker (W10)BitTorrent (W11)Mobile (W12)
Bootcamp Stage 2.
On the surface: Domain investigations

  • Intro and Impact: Registrars, Registrants, TLDs and ccTLDs
  • DNS in more detail: Subdomains, Domains, URLs, & Lookups
  • WhoIs lookup
  • Domaintools: A database subscription service
  • Centralops: Live domain lookup
  • ccTLD lookups: Example tools by country and domain
  • Registration privacy protection services
Domain investigations expanded: Identifying operators and their related websites

  • Locating additional domains/websites for a common operator
  • Shared IP address lookup tools
  • Shared services lookup tools
  • Shared design lookup tools
  • Shared content lookup tools
  • Payment processors, advertising, and social media widgets
  • Nearby sites lookup
  • Inbound/Outbound link lookup
  • Prior domain sales lookup
Preliminary assessments: Looking at websites in action

  • Gaining insight on operators and enforcement potentials
  • Content: Prices, titles, shipping, payment
  • Web page archives, Search cache, and Robots.txt
  • SEO and HTML clues
  • Spiders to quickly assess content: Titles, Meta descriptions, page count
  • Concealing web pages: iFrames and Divs
  • Locating elements essential to the operation of the site
  • HTTP header clues
  • IP address packet clues
  • Inspecting video streams and digital downloads
  • Force downloading videos
  • Traffic estimation
Intro to e-Commerce:  Adding payment processing and shipping to the mix

  • Initial profiling: Content, Payment, Shipping, Images, Analytics
  • Locating infringing sellers
  • e-Commerce investigation example and considerations
  • UPC data search: Verify counterfeits, check retail prices
  • Trademark lookup
  • Copyright lookup
  • Considering State vs. U.S. Federal charges

Auction and Sale platform investigations

  • Intro to Auction websites and sales platforms
  • Initial profiling: Content, Payment, Shipping, Images
  • Locating infringing sellers and sales data
  • Ebay
  • PayPal
  • Other sales platforms: Sell, Bonanza, eCrater, and more
  • Locating infringing sellers
  • Auction investigation example and considerations
  • Setting up RSS feeds to monitor sales platforms

Classified Ads: Craigslist investigations

  • Initial profiling: Content, Email, Phone, Location, Images
  • Backpage and other platforms
  • Classified Ad investigation example and considerations
  • Setting up RSS feeds to monitor listings
  • Crawling sites vs crawling search engines
  • Terms of Service and enforcement trends
B2B: Importer/Exporter website investigations

  • Introduction: Business-to-Business platforms and Drop shipping
  • Initial profiling: Content, Payment, Shipping, Images, Analytics
  • B2B seller investigation example and considerations
Payment processing: Investigation and enforcement strategy

  • How credit card networks operate
  • PayPal
  • Other payment gateways
  • BitCoin
  • Investigation considerations: Undercover, BitCoin, and more
  • Example payment processing investigations
Monetization and Malware: Advertising enforcement strategy

  • How ads are placed on websites
  • Affiliate referral examples
  • How to identify ad network vs ad server code
  • Investigation considerations: Country, Business implications
  • Example advertising investigations
Streaming and link website investigations

  • Intro to streaming and link website investigations
  • Initial profiling and differences in a regional operation
  • Link website investigation example and considerations
Live streaming website investigations

  • Intro to live streaming website investigations
  • Initial profiling
  • Link website investigation example and considerations
Cyberlocker website investigations

  • Intro to cyberlocker investigations
  • Initial profiling: DDL and Streaming
  • Cyberlocker investigation example and considerations
  • Practical exercise: Tools, Exercise handouts, Online resources
Intro to BitTorrent investigations
  • Initial profiling: Index sites, Trackers, Ancillary services
  • BitTorrent investigation example and considerations
  • Inspecting iPhone Apps (non-forensic)
    • Streaming app example

     Android App inspection (non-forensic)

    • Introduction to reviewing Android apps