OSINT & Internet Investigations Training

Training Example

OSINT research and other investigative techniques rely on the same thing: a solid background in Internet investigations.

The NetBootCamp training program was designed to provide new hire investigators with this foundation.  It develops a full-range of hands-on skills and an understanding of how the Internet and the investigative tools work. Participants learn by following the instructor through real online scenarios and practical exercises where they troubleshoot the results. As suggested by the program name, each course is progressive and builds upon the content and tracks presented before it.

Websites change. Tools come and go and this content is rapidly changing.  For that reason, training is normally presented onsite to clients of our investigative agency, TheInternetInvestigators.com, or via online desktop sharing with one-on-one mentoring.

OSINT & Internet Investigation Target Skills

Bootcamp Track 1:

An Intro to how the Internet works:  IP addresses, networks, traceroute, DNS, HTML, anonymity, and search engines.

The key takeaway skills from this section:

IP address troubleshooting / Traceroute skills
Advanced Google search / basic web crawling
Web debugging / Basic packet analysis
HTML for Investigators
Anonymous surfing / Email headers

Bootcamp Track 2:
Websites, domains, hosting, and operator investigations: Whois, networks, related websites, payment processing, ads, media.

The key takeaway skills from this section:

Whois / Hosting history lookups
Hosting obfuscation analysis: DNS / CDNs / Media
Web resource analysis / Related websites
Revenue and traffic analysis

Bootcamp Track 3:
Intro to screen name and social network investigations: Find profiles, conduct queries and verify identities.

The key takeaway skills for this section:

Screen name and profile search
Domestic and foreign social network search
Advanced Facebook search
Public records and identity verification

Bootcamp Track 4 :
A review of the best practices and tools for documenting and preserving online evidence and undercover operations.

The key takeaway skills for this section:

Web page preservation: Screenshots and Archives
Undercover payments and records
IP addresses and HTTP traffic
Web scraping and Website backups