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Bob Brasich
Bob BrasichInstructor | Investigator
Bob Brasich is @netboocamp, a private investigator with over 20 years’ experience leading complex investigations at the DEA, MPAA, and
Law Enforcement
Corporate Training
Private Investigator

Internet investigations background

Bob’s Internet investigations career precedes Google.

He specializes in complex website, ISP/network, and social media investigations drawing from experience and training at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the Motion Picture Association of America.

Clients most often ask Bob for this type of training:

  • Advanced Facebook search techniques

  • IP address and network troubleshooting

  • Website investigations

  • Online evidence collection

  • Specific tool tips, i.e. Robtex, Fiddler, Domaintools

Bob has been trained by institutions that include Microsoft, FBI Regional Forensic Laboratory, and technical experts in HTML, DNS, and other specialties.

He has conducted thousands of website investigations since 1995 and is a regular speaker on enforcement strategies, OSINT and online investigative techniques at major conferences.

Investigators are shaped by their experience and the extent to which they develop their expertise.

Bob is driven to understand how the Internet works and how operators obfuscate their operations within this framework. He regularly examines suspect operations, studies online tools, and attends classes to stay abreast of trends.

FacebookSearchBook-BobBrasichBob is the author of “Facebook Search,” which is a two-part technical manual for power searchers.

The books explain the methods used by investigators, journalists and researchers to explore the world’s largest social database.

The books are available on

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