An Internet investigations training vendor is an important decision

A good trainer is a mentor.  They do more than present an academic topic. They develop working skills. and an ability to troubleshoot problems.

NetBootcamp is the training program of The Internet Investigators,  which is a CA licensed private investigations firm (#28179) and corporation. It was designed to train new hire investigators in a full-range of investigative skills.  The training is provided onsite and online via webinar coachings.

Here are some faqs to consider when choosing a trainer:

Investigations and intelligence are essential, but separate functions. This distinction is important when considering your training objectives.

Intelligence is information gathering. OSINT or Open Source Intelligence is the act of gathering this information from publicly available sources, like social networks, telephone listings, property records, business licensing agencies, or just about anything you can find with a Google query. These types of queries are often conducted within an Internet investigation.

OSINT overlaps with Internet investigations. A good Internet investigator is also a master of OSINT.

Internet investigations examine the technical aspects of the world wide web, such has how websites work or how traffic is passed between the website and your computer.  Investigators use this foundation to troubleshoot and explain the location of an IP address or the website.  This location is sometimes obscured by the operator and can mislead particular tools.  An Internet investigator can troubleshoot these details, as well as the search results from a social media query.

Investigators need to be OSINT and Internet investigation savvy. That is the goal of the content you’ll find on NetBootCamp.

The majority of our clients hire us to provide training in person or online through our webinar platform. These clients are generally looking to develop specific skills or interested in specific subjects detailed on our training program page.

Onsite training enables us to work hands-on with participants with varying experience levels.

Online coaching is a one-on-one training event.  Participants follow and interact with the instructor through their computers.  The instructor shares the desktop of his computer screen and can switch the view to assess the participant’s comprehension.

Online coaching rates begin at $99/hour for corporate and private investigators and $79/hour for law enforcement agents. Onsite training begins at $2,000/day plus travel expenses.

If you have an internet connection and a computer, you are already there. NetBootCamp courses can be taken at home and work. While the website is compatible with mobile devices like iPads and tablets, we strongly recommend that you follow along on a standard computer. This is because the browsers and tools you’ll use are not available on mobile devices. Mobile browsers also operate differently.

Firefox and Google Chrome browsers are used in the training. We recommend that you install both prior to beginning your class as you’ll be using add-ons built only for these browsers. The tools presented in the training are operated on a Windows PC computer. Some of these tools will look different on a Macintosh computer, though some may not be available at all.

NetBootCamp is ready to assist with your technical questions. Contact us by phone and email:
Help [at] NetBootCamp [dot] org

Please note that your IP address may be available to us for troubleshooting and security, such as when your account is accessed, files are downloaded, or when video and web content is viewed.

We want you to have the best possible experience possible at NetBootCamp. Simply contact us within 7 days of your purchase to request a refund.

NetBootCamp is a training program of The Internet Investigators which is based in San Diego, California.

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